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Welcome to Casino Adrenaline’s official page for bonuses and promotions! Are you ready to kickstart your online casino journey in best Crypto casino by getting a boost on your first deposit? Do you want to get a bonus every time you decide to return to our site? Check out the bonus offer above and get ready for an adrenaline rush!

You’ll find plenty of lucrative casino bonuses for new and regular players. If you’re not sure how bonuses work, please read our comprehensive guide to learn more about them.

By the time you finish reading this text, you will have mastered the concept of online bonuses and will be able to enjoy playing games in Casino Adrenaline with more money and free spins. Read on.

Welcome Bonus

Welcome Bonus perhaps the most important type of promotion in online casino. Simply put, online gambling platforms use many methods to attract new players, and bonuses for new players are among the most effective ways to do it. That’s why our team decided to offer a hefty Crypto casino bonus or fiat casino bonus to everyone who chose to open an account and make a deposit.

Welcome Bonus usually offer bonus money on top of your deposits. The most common type is a 100% match Crypto casino bonus or fiat casino bonus, which means that the casino will match the amount you deposit in crypto casino bonuses or fiat money casino bonuses. For example, if you deposit €100, you’ll get an additional €100 that you can use to bet on eligible games.

That’s exactly how the welcome btc casino bonus on our site works. Feel free to examine it, open an account, and claim the promotion to boost your journey in Casino Adrenaline.

No Deposit Casino Bonus

Sometimes, players want to test a casino for real money, but they don’t feel like making a deposit, which is why the no deposit Crypto casino bonus or fiat casino bonus was created. Its purpose is pretty self-explanatory — you get a bonus or btc casino free spins just for signing up in a casino. However, this type of casino bonus is usually not that big, especially when compared to deposit crypto casino bonuses. In most cases, players will receive a handful of btc casino free spins or not more than €10.

Not all casinos offer a no deposit Crypto casino bonus or fiat casino bonus. As a matter of fact, this type of promotion is much rarer than its deposit counterpart simply because it is too small for the majority of serious online casino players.

However, if you’re a casual player who just wants to test your luck, this type of bonus could come in handy. Please read the terms and conditions section for this bonus (or any other promotion you want to claim on the site). We’ll cover the T&Cs in detail below.

Crypto Casino Bonus

Casino Adrenaline is crypto-oriented, meaning it accepts cryptocurrency deposits and withdrawals in addition to fiat payment methods. Crypto is the most popular crypto at the moment, which is why you’ll find a Crypto casino bonus on our site from time to time.

So, what makes a Crypto casino bonus different from other bonuses? The main difference is that they are created to attract players who use digital gold to make deposits and are a bit more lucrative than bonuses offered to those who deposit using fiat payment options.

However, you probably noticed that almost all promotions offered on our site are in BTC. That’s because Crypto is the default currency on our website. It’s safe to say that every bonus on our site is a Crypto bonus.

As you probably already know, our crypto casino platform accepts other cryptocurrencies for deposits and withdrawals, including Litecoin, Crypto Cash, Ethereum, and Dogecoin. All Crypto bonuses will also work if you deposit these cryptocurrencies, but you need to pay attention to the conversion rate before making a transaction.

Regular Promotions

Welcome crypto casino bonuses and fiat casino bonuses are meant to attract new players, but most of the promotions offered in Casino Adrenaline are tailored for regular customers. Their purpose is to make users keep coming back to the site and receive rewards for their activity. These promotions are usually not as lucrative as the welcome offer, but they are very useful in the long run.

Therefore, let’s check out some of the most popular formats for regular promotions. Some of them are also available in Casino Adrenaline, so feel free to read more about them on this page and pick the one that meets your needs.

Cashback Bonus

A cashback Crypto casino bonus is one of the most popular types of regular promotions, and many players love claiming them, mainly because they are recurring, which means you can claim them more than once.

A cashback promo will give you some of your lost money back. Getting some of your lost funds back is a great feeling which is why many online casino enthusiasts love cashback bonuses.

Every promotion is time-limited — let us elaborate.

If the promotion’s T&C states that the offer is active for a week, it means you’ll get your money back for any losses within a seven-day period. For instance, if it says that it starts on Monday, all your losses until Sunday are counted towards cashback.

Every cashback promotion offers a certain percentage of your money back. If the promotion provides a 20% cashback and you lose €1,000, you’ll get a total of €200 back to your account.

Please take into account that there are certain limits related to this promo.

First of all, you need to spend more than what is indicated in the promotion’s T&C section. If you need to lose at least, say, €50 to activate the bonus, you’ll not be able to receive the cashback if you lose less than that.

Moreover, there’s an upper limit on how much you can receive in cashback crypto casino bonuses. For instance, if the maximum amount is €200, you won’t receive more than that for a 20% cashback bonus, even if you lose more than €1,000.

Free Spins

Online video slot players like free spins bonuses the most. This type of promotion is pretty straightforward: instead of getting bonus money, you’ll receive free spins for Crypto gambling

Free spins allow you to play a slot without spending your real money and still win real prizes. You can also receive them as part of the welcome bonus or as a stand-alone no-deposit casino bonus. Free spins are also awarded to regular customers from time to time.

In most cases, you won’t be able to use free spins for just any slot. Instead, the casino will indicate which games are eligible for playing, and you’ll have to use the free spins on that game. That’s because many casinos often want to promote a particular game to players.

Free spins as a regular Crypto casino bonus promotion can be added as a deposit bonus. To claim them, you need to make a deposit and use an appropriate coupon code (if the casino uses the code system) to trigger the bonus.

Please take into account that each free spin has a dedicated value. If a free spin is worth €1, you won’t be able to increase your bet size while using this type of bonus.

Reload Bonus

A reload bonus is similar to a match bonus, except that your amount isn’t exactly matched. In other words, you’ll receive a certain amount of bonus money on top of your deposit to boost your experience while playing games in the casino, but it will be lower compared to welcome bonuses.

For instance, a standard reload bonus offers a 50% bonus. Therefore, if you deposit €100, you’ll get €50 on top of it that you can use to play games on the site.

The good news is that reload bonuses are sometimes recurring, so you can claim them more than once (usually once a week or once a month). Moreover, they often have slightly more favorable wagering requirements and other terms than welcome crypto casino bonuses.

Time-Limited Bonus

Some bonuses are available only within a specific period of the year. For example, if the bonus is available from January 1 until February 1, you need to claim it before it expires. These bonuses come in all shapes and sizes, so make sure to keep an eye on the Promotions page to learn if such a bonus is available.

Holiday Specials

Casino Adrenaline may sometimes offer special crypto casino bonuses and promotions for btc gambling when there’s a holiday. For instance, you’ll get special offers during Christmas, so make sure to be on the lookout during that period.

Provider-Related Bonuses

From time to time, some casino slot providers want to promote their games in Casino Adrenaline, awarding players with free spins or other bonuses that you can use only for games made by that provider. These are not very common and are worth taking into account.

Payment Method Bonuses

Players who use specific payment methods sometimes get special promotions. We already covered this part when we talked about Crypto bonuses. However, payment method bonuses are sometimes used for other options, such as specific cards, e-wallets, and more.

How to Get a Casino Bonus

Many new players often don’t know how to claim a welcome bonus and play crypto casino. We’ll start by making a step-by-step guide for this type of promotion and quickly explaining how to get regular crypto casino bonuses. Read on.

How to Claim a Welcome Bonus

  1. Open an account — If you don’t have an account in Casino Adrenaline - best crypto casino, make sure to become our member first. You can do that by clicking the red Sign Up button located in the upper right corner of the screen.

  2. Go to the banking section — Pick a payment method of your choice to make a deposit.

  3. Enter the coupon code — The welcome bonus on our site currently features a coupon code that you need to enter to trigger it. You’ll find a designated field in the Banking section.

  4. Enter the deposit amount — Please make sure to input an amount above the required minimum to trigger the bonus. Also, please bear in mind the maximum amount you can receive from the welcome bonus.

  5. Proceed with the transaction — The majority of payment methods on our site are instant, so you should be able to see your money in your casino balance after a couple of seconds (crypto deposits may take several minutes).

  6. Have fun — After the transaction is processed, you’ll be able to start playing games using your bonus money or free spins.

Bonus Codes

You may have noticed that some bonuses in Casino Adrenaline require codes. You can find these codes on the casino platform or one of the promotional pages. So, what exactly are these bonus codes, and how do they work?

Their primary purpose is to indicate which Crypto casino bonus you want to claim, especially if it consists of several parts.

For example, suppose the welcome offer is available for your four initial deposits. In that case, you’ll have to use a different bonus code for every deposit to indicate which part of the promo you want to activate.

Apart from the practical side, there’s also the psychological side of bonus codes. Simply put, by claiming a code and redeeming a bonus, players will feel in control of their promotions. As you already know, bonus codes and coupons are used all the time in digital marketing simply because they work, and online casinos are no exception.

Terms and Conditions of Bonuses and Promotions

Many bonuses feature additional terms and conditions which are basically sets of rules you need to follow to maximize your experience when playing games in Casino Adrenaline. These rules are usually written in the T&C section of every bonus on our platform and we suggest reading them first.

Simply put, to truly understand how welcome bonuses and regular promotions work, you need to learn the most important terms and conditions and how to use them to your advantage. Let’s find out.

Wagering Requirements Wagering requirements (WRs) are the first thing you need to pay attention to when claiming any bonus in an online casino. They simply tell you how much money you need to wager before your bonus money becomes available for withdrawal.

Bonuses and promotions exist to help players have more fun, but they are still marketing instruments, and you should regard them as such. Therefore, instead of withdrawing your bonus funds right away, you must first meet the wagering requirements that are stated in the bonus’ T&C section.

Wagering requirements usually indicate the number of times you need to wager through your bonus amount before it becomes available for cashing out. Let’s say that the wagering requirements are set to 50x, and you received €100 as a bonus. It means you’ll have to wager €5,000 (50 x 100 = 5,000) first. After you’ve wagered that amount, you will be able to cash out the original €100 you received as a bonus.

The main goal that casinos have is to make you play games more, and if you’re an active player, you’ll meet that amount rather quickly. We shouldn’t forget about the element of luck either. Some players will win more money because they are luckier and will meet WRs faster than others.

Therefore, to start meeting WRs, all you have to do is make a deposit in Casino Adrenaline and start playing the games that are available on our platform. Please bear in mind that not all the games contribute the same to WRs. This is called wagering contribution.

Wagering Contribution

Some games are more lucrative and have a lower house edge than others. For example, blackjack is widely regarded as a game with one of the highest payouts. That’s why blackjack has a 0% contribution towards wagering requirements, which means you will not be able to meet WRs by playing this game. Many other games are similar to blackjack, including baccarat, roulette, and other popular table games. To learn which games don’t contribute to WRs, you’ll have to check the T&Cs section for the bonus you’re about to claim.

That said, Casino Adrenaline may sometimes offer bonuses that are aimed at table game enthusiasts, which means they’ll offer a better wagering contribution for blackjack and other table and card games.

On the other hand, some games contribute 100% to wagering requirements. These are usually online video slots. If you spin the reels of online slots, all the bets you make will count towards the WRs, meaning the fastest way to meet them is to play video slots.

Still, Casino Adrenaline may sometimes have a list of slots that are excluded from a promotion. Make sure to check if there’s such a list before you start playing games using your bonus funds.

Finally, some games partially contribute to wagering requirements. Video poker is usually part of this category. For instance, if it contributes 20%, you’ll basically contribute 20 cents for every €1 you wager, which means that the path towards actually meeting the requirements will be much longer.

Long story short, make sure to check the wagering contribution for every Crypto casino bonus and fiat casino bonus before claiming it to get the best possible experience.

Eligible Games

The second most important thing for every bonus is its expiry date. Simply put, every bonus that you claim has a certain lifespan during which you must use all your Crypto casino bonus and fiat casino bonus funds or meet the wagering requirements. Failing to do either will result in your bonus becoming void — you won’t be able to use it anymore.

In most cases, these are between two weeks and a month. However, this type of information also varies for every promotion, and the best way to check it is by reading the T&C section. For instance, free spins bonuses may have different expiry dates compared to deposit match bonuses or cashback bonuses.

All bonuses and promotions in Casino Adrenaline offer lucrative prizes for new and regular players, decent wagering requirements, and loose expiry dates. Therefore, feel free to check them out and pick the one that you like the most. If you’re new, we suggest starting with our amazing welcome offer on your first deposit.

Expiry Dates

The second most important thing for every bonus is its expiry date. Simply put, every bonus that you claim has a certain lifespan during which you must use all your bonus funds or meet the wagering requirements. Failing to do either will result in your bonus becoming void — you won’t be able to use it anymore.

In most cases, these are between two weeks and a month. However, this type of information also varies for every promotion, and the best way to check it is by reading the T&C section. For instance, free spins bonuses may have different expiry dates compared to deposit match bonuses or cashback bonuses.

All bonuses and promotions in Casino Adrenaline offer lucrative prizes for new and regular players, decent wagering requirements, and loose expiry dates. Therefore, feel free to check them out and pick the one that you like the most. If you’re new, we suggest starting crypto gambling with our amazing welcome offer on your first deposit.

Withdrawal Caps Sometimes, you won’t be able to withdraw the entire bonus amount. Some promotions limit the maximum amount you can win with it. This is usually the case with free spins.

For example, if the maximum cap is €100, it means you won’t be able to win more than that amount with your free spins. Technically speaking, you could win more, but the casino will confiscate the surplus. If you win €1,000 and the winnings are capped at €100, that’s the most you’ll withdraw.

Maximum win caps are yet another thing that’s not very common in Casino Adrenaline. Still, there might be bonuses in the future that have this type of rule, and we advise reading more about it to understand the bonus better.

Minimum Deposit Limits

Many online casino bonuses require you to deposit more than a certain amount to trigger them. For example, if the minimum deposit limit is €30, depositing less than that will not activate the bonus. These are especially important for welcome bonuses.

All bonuses and promotions in Casino Adrenaline have minimum deposit limits, but they are not always the same. They are not very high either, meaning you’ll probably be able to meet this limit for any promotion you claim.

Other Terms and Conditions There are plenty of other rules that certain bonuses have. Therefore, we suggest reading them to learn how the bonus of your choice works and what you need to bear in mind before claiming it. We usually indicate the most important ones right below the bonus offer, so you can have a quick overview of all available promotions.

Final Thought

All bonuses, including crypto casino bonus, free spins, no deposit bonus, cashback, reload, and more, are great for new and regular players as they can help them extend their session and try more games.

Casino Adrenaline offers several attractive bonuses at the moment, so make sure to check them out and pick the one you like the most and play Crypto casino now. If you’re new to the platform, we recommend you start with the welcome bonus and then use other promotions after you explore the Crypto casino platform with your initial boost.


⭐ Can I get a Crypto casino bonus in Casino Adrenaline?

Technically speaking, all bonuses in Casino Adrenaline are Crypto bonuses, meaning they will be triggered if you use Crypto as a deposit option. However, you can also claim bonuses if you use other payment methods, except that you’ll get the bonus in fiat money rather than cryptocurrencies.

⭐ Do casino bonuses award real money?

Yes, the money you’ll receive via match, reload, and cashback bonuses is real. However, it’s locked in your bonus balance, and you’ll be able to unlock it after meeting the wagering requirements. Also, please pay attention to expiry dates, minimum deposit limits, and other important terms and conditions before claiming the bonus.

⭐ What types of bonuses are there in Casino Adrenaline?

The most common type is the welcome bonus. However, Casino Adrenaline also offers a wide array of promotions for regular players, including cashback bonuses, reload bonuses, free spin, no deposit bonuses, crypto bonuses, and more.

⭐ Do I have to deposit in Crypto to get a bonus in Casino Adrenaline?

Even though Crypto is the most popular payment option in Casino Adrenaline, you can also use other methods and still receive bonuses on this platform. Feel free to explore the banking section on the site to learn more about available options.

⭐ What is the minimum deposit limit for bonuses in Casino Adrenaline?

It depends on which type of bonus you want to claim. All essential T&Cs are displayed for every bonus on this page, so make sure to examine them closely before claiming a bonus.

⭐ Can I claim a bonus in Casino Adrenaline from my country?

Right now, only players from countries where Casino Adrenaline offers its services can claim the bonuses offered on this site. Make sure to check out the list of accepted countries and see whether yours is on the list.

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