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  1. Company reserves the right to suspend or permanently deactivate any Player Account at any time, and to cancel or declare as void transactions in the Company’s sole discretion, if any of the following conditions apply:
    1. Company finds transactions with irregularities that may negatively affect payment processing and/or transactions which rise suspicions of a violation of the Terms and Conditions (e.g., the name and address of the player do not match the name and address of a used credit card, or any other mode of payment used by the Player Account).
    2. Company finds that the Player Account has violated any regulation contained in these Terms, the General Terms of Service, the rules of a provided game and/or any other specific rules, as applicable from time to time. Any decision of Company regarding the invalidation of transactions and the suspension or permanent deactivation of Player Accounts shall be binding upon the player. Any such decision is within the sole discretion of the Company, does not require any justification towards the player, and may not be contested by the player. In the circumstances referred to above, Company shall also be entitled to withhold and/or retain any and all amounts which would otherwise have been paid or payable to the player.
    3. Company considers that the player used the products and services offered on the Website in an inappropriate manner or has deliberately cheated or taken unfair advantage of Company or any of its other players.
    4. Company considers that the player used the products and services offered on the Website in a fraudulent manner and/or for illegal and/or unlawful or improper purposes.
    5. Player used devices such as robots or other artificial assistants, external programs or mathematical techniques or any manipulative strategies that distort normal gameplay and gave the Client an unfair advantage and did not leave place for chance.
  2. If the value of a made deposit is not played through in full before a withdrawal is requested, or if there is any evidence of a series of placed bets/wagers which result in guaranteed player profits irrespective of the outcome, or where all the betting/wagering is determined to be low risk, Company reserves the right to request a receipt showing proof of betting/wagering with non-low risk, before any withdrawal may be processed.
  3. Upon the Company's request, the Client shall provide other documents necessary for the verification of payment (including in the case of a request for a refund). The performance of the refund request can be postponed and/or not satisfied if all the documents necessary for such performance are not provided, or there are claims of third parties for the amounts on the Personal Account (for example, a return payment on the payment system). If the requested documents are not provided, the Company has the right to suspend the provision of services, including by suspending or permanently deactivating the Player Account. Furthermore, if the payment system used by the Client does not allow for refunds, then in order to process the refund application by the Company, the Client needs to provide alternative means of payment for the refund, which is accepted by the Company.
  4. Cardholder must retain a copy of transaction records and merchant policies and rules for any payment system used to make transactions to the Company.
  5. Company takes all forms of fraudulent activity of players very seriously. Any fraudulent activity, as determined at Company's sole discretion, is strictly prohibited. Fraudulent activity may include, but is not limited to, using stolen credit cards, transfer of funds to other player accounts (chip dumping), forgery, player collusion, the use of impermissible software tools, the provision of false registration data or other requested information, etc. In addition to any other remedies provided under these Terms, the General Terms of Service, or the applicable game rules, Company reserves the right to pursue claims for criminal prosecution and/or civil damages concerning any fraudulent activities. Players involved in any form of suspected fraudulent activity, as well as any suspicious transactions, will be reported to the appropriate authorities. Company is requested to do so by the police, other regulatory bodies or court and/or Company considers that any of the events referred to above may have occurred or are likely to occur.
  6. The Company sometimes receives chargeback requests from issuing card providers, in relation to its Clients and Player Accounts. This occurs when a Client claims that the relevant transaction was not undertaken by the Client. If this is claimed by you to your card provider, we have the right to suspend or deactivate your Player Account while we investigate the chargeback. If a chargeback request is received, we will contact you to confirm the transaction and/or investigate the chargeback request. Reminders may be sent should the requested information not be received. If we are unable to contact you, your Player Account may remain suspended or be permanently deactivated. Sadly, not all chargeback requests are valid and may, when made without basis, constitute fraud or attempted fraud against the Company. In the case of invalid or false chargeback requests, we will permanently deactivate your Player Account and freeze any available funds.
  7. Company is committed to ensuring that the current regulations against money laundering and the financing of terrorism are strictly adhered to. This commitment implies that sophisticated tools have been put in place to continuously monitor and minimize operational risks. Depositing of funds obtained illegally and/or by improper means is strictly prohibited by the Company. Any Client activity on the Website will be monitored and assessed to this effect. Suspicious activity will be automatically reported to the authorities in charge. By accepting these terms and conditions, the Client acknowledges that he may deposit money into the Player Account, only in order to play and use the games and services offered. Players who deposit and attempt to withdraw, without any gaming activities recorded, will have their funds blocked until proper investigations have been concluded. Such withdrawals incur a processing fee of up to 10% of the deposited amount.

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