Neon Staxx Slot

This week Casino Adrenaline is proud to present a new NetEnt slot – Neon Staxx! We'll have a look at the game itself and give you a look at the basics, the various features and what's new and what's familiar.

Neon Staxx NetEnt slot has a rather familiar design and most players will get a sort of blast from the past feeling when playing it. The sort of retro 80’s sci-fi feeling and the styling itself which is reminiscent of the legendary Tron movie makes for a very fresh yet also familiar feeling. This new slot is actually pretty well described by the Neon in its name, with the styling, including the wheel symbols all in a cool, groovy neon highlight.

When it comes to gameplay, the system will be very familiar for all NetEnt lovers, but also very easy and intuitive to new players. Neon Staxx NetEnt slot playing in 40 lines, which are fixed, however the level and coin level can be changed, ranging from level 1 to level 20 and 0.01 coin value all the way up to 0.5. Perhaps one of the most familiar features players will remember from other NetEnt slots is the scatter icon which in this case awards free spins, with 5 scatters awarding 20 free spins. A new feature unique to this game is called Super Staxx. Basically what Super Staxx does is it gives a chance to get a reel entirely made out of one symbol, additionally all five reels contain a number of adjacent positions that, for every new spin, are randomly replaced with one symbol from the pay table. The highest paying symbols are the so called Predator symbols and with them being predators they are a lion, panther, eagle and viper.

NeonStaxx NetEnt Slot

So what’s new in Neon Staxx NetEnt slot? Obviously the design is new and rather different compared to other NetEnt slots. The Super Staxx feature is new and a real eye pleaser when it pops. The predator symbols are a great new concept and not only look cool, but have great pay-outs. The 40 line game isn’t entirely new but is somewhat still fresh as a concept, so all in all is definitely worth trying out.

Now what’s familiar? The layout of the slot is consistent with NetEnt slots, so players will have no problem jumping into the action as soon as they decide to play. The scatter and wild symbols are entirely familiar. Coin play instead of money play is also a very familiar feature by now. In general we’re confident that as mentioned before both veteran and new players will feel comfortable playing this new NetEnt slot.

So have, fun, good luck and enjoy Neon Staxx NetEnt slot, now available to play right here at Casino Adrenaline.


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