Koi Princess Preview

This week we're bringing you a preview of another what it seems great NetEnt slot: Koi Princess slot. Although not the first or only anime themed slot it's nonetheless a departure from the more traditional themes we’ve seen lately. But let’s see if this is a slot we should be excited about and bring you a preview of Koi Princess slot.

Koi in Japanese means love and on another note it also can mean carp as in fish. Now although in most cases it could mean the first thing this time we’re guessing it means fish judging by the game features where fish pop out. But let’s talk about the design in more detail. As mentioned Koi Princess slot has an anime theme, but since this such a wide term and only reflects the type of cartoon art used it doesn’t really tell us much about the slot itself. The design is actually aquatic, with beautiful watery backgrounds, fish heads popping out of the middle of the screen that work as a feature and the general Japanese/spring/aquatic theme. The best way to actually see what we’re talking about is if you have a look at the preview clip we posted on Facebook.

Koi Princess Preview

Moving on we would like to give you a preview of the gameplay and various features Koi Princess slot has. Let’s start with basics: Koi Princess slot is a 5-reel slot, 3 row slot with Random Features for 1 spin, Bonus Features, Wild Substitutions, Bonus symbols and a Bonus Bet mode. The game is played on 20 bet lines that fixed, up to 10 levels and as usual it is coin based. Koi Princess also has a Bonus Bet option. This option can be activated for each spin and when activated it increases the probability of awarding a Random or Bonus feature as well as changing the values on the Bonus Wheel and increasing sure wins on Sure Win Free Spins.

So let’s have a look at the Random and Bonus Features. First of all there are four Random Features. Once the Random Feature is triggered the players choose from three different options to see which particular Random Feature is activated. The features that can be triggered are: 5-Hitm Random Wilds, Wild Reels and Bonus Game. With 5-Hit feature allows a player to choose a random overlay feature and that symbol will overlay all the symbols on the bet line, after the feature gives the player one spin with a bet line. The Random Wild Feature awards the play one spin with between 4 and 9 overlay Wilds placed randomly on the reels. The Wild reels awards a player 1 spin where between 2 and 5 reels become whole Wild Reels meaning an overlay Wild symbol covers the selected reels. Last but not least the Bonus Activation awards a player 1 spin where 3 Bonus symbols, but no line wins, are presented with 1 Bonus Feature awarded. So as you can already tell Koi Princess is going to have a lot of cool features with nice chances for the player to score big.

Koi Princess Random Features

We just mentioned that one of the Random Features is the Bonus Activation which awards the player with 1 bonus feature. So yes, the fun doesn’t stop with the Random feature! Bonus symbols appearing on reels 1, 3 and 5 award a random Bonus Feature. If 2 Bonus symbols are on the reels after a spin concludes and any bet line wins awarded, a 3rd Bonus symbol can be nudged onto the reels from outside the visible reel set, awarding a Bonus Feature. So as you can see there are two ways of getting to the bonus features. During Sure Win Free Spins Feature the win for each spin will be at least the same as the largest amount won during the Sure Win Free Spins session except for the first spin of the session where the sure win is the amount wagered by the player. In Wild Reels Free Spins, the player is awarded 10 Wild Reels Free Spins. The Coin Win Bonus Feature awards the player an instant coin win. The Bonus Wheel is a Bonus Game where the player can win coins and activate the 2 other Bonus Feature Free Spins game modes (Wild Reels Free Spins and Sure Win Free Spins).

Koi Princess Bonus Features

As you can see from this preview Koi Princess slot is set to be a blast with more features than you can count. Four Random Features and four Bonus features is a really bit number and is bound to attract a lot of players. Koi princess slot is set for release on the 24th of November so make sure to visit Casino Adrenaline and try it out!


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