Guns N Roses NetEnt Slot Update

As we promised in our sneak peek of the Guns N Roses NetEnt slot, today we're bringing you more details of this highly anticipated NetEnt slot. With its name and theme based on the world famous band Guns N Roses there's no doubt that this slot will be a huge a hit with players all around.

The design of the Guns N Roses NetEnt slot is obviously entirely influenced by the band that the slot is named after. For those unfamiliar with the band itself make sure to check out our last post where we gave a brief overview of the band. Although details about the slot are still a bit scarce, NetEnt has released some artwork including symbols.

The artwork is somewhat reminiscent of the NetEnt Wild Water slot. Whether this is a coincidence or the direction in which NetEnt is going forward with its artwork remains to be seen. Have a look below at some of the symbols from the slot and also make sure to have a look at the official Guns N Roses NetEnt slot intro posted on our official Facebook page. We promise to bring out more details as they are released and hopefully soon we’ll have some in game screenshots. One way or another the Guns N Roses NetEnt slot is still keeping the hype alive.

Guns N Roses Symbols Preview


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