Casino Loyalty Program

Casino Loyalty Program

In this post we'll go over Casino Adrenaline's casino loyalty program. We've had a lot of questions on how exactly it works, so this is a great place to write a short tutorial on how players can take advantage of the casino loyalty program to get their rewards for playing.

Our casino loyalty program has been designed to reward players for playing at out casino. We have designed it so that it doesn't matter how much you play, just a little or big time, you can expect to be awarded in both cases. However the more you play the bigger the reward or to be more precise the better conversion rate you get. So let's pass through this tutorial in a FAQ type style.

How does Casino Adrenaline's Loyalty program work?

Our casino loyalty program is very simple actually. For every €10 you wager you get one CAD point. CAD points are then converted to real cash depending on your Cashback Conversion rate.

How do I join the casino loyalty program?

There is no special action you need to do to join. Simply by registering at Casino Adrenaline you also become part of the loyalty program.

What is the Cashback Conversion Rate?

The cashback conversion rate is simply the rate at which you can exchange your CAD points for real cash. The cashback conversion rate depends on your casino loyalty program level.

What are the levels?

There are four levels at Casino Adrenaline. Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum.

How do I advance in levels?

Every player starts at Bronze level. From there on with 1,000 CAD points you advance to Silver, after that with 2,000 CAD points you advance to Gold and finally if you make a 2,500€ deposit you enter the Platinum level.

How does my level affect my conversion rate?

At bronze level your conversion rate is 300. This means that for every 300 CAD points you can exchange them for 1€. The conversion rate at silver level is 200, at Gold it is 150 and finally at Platinum level it's 100. So if you're at Platinum level 100 CAD points mean €1.

Where can I see my current amount of CAD points and level?

You can check your current amount of CAD points at any time by clicking on Cashier and selecting the “Comps” tab. There you will be able to see the amount of CAD points you have accumulated so far as well as your conversion rate (level).



How can I convert my CAD points to cash?

If you have enough CAD points to convert them to cash, all you need to do is visit the same place where you check how many CAD points you have. That is in Cashier and then selecting the “Comps” tab. After that all you need to do is click the “Convert” button and that’s it. It’s as simple as that.





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