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Welcome to the official Casino Adrenaline news section. Reading this section you will be able to find out all the latest news in the gaming industry such as new games that are coming out. Their previews including often demo play to try them out before they are even officially released. We will also make this news section as entertaining as possible by writing about popular casino games, to be more precise some cool and interesting trivia and additional information, especially for games that are made after famous movies or shows like Scarface, Jack and the Beanstalk, Jack Hammer and many others.

We will also write about our great players and their wins. With those that make a mark we will also make interviews with so that you can get a look at how other gamers feel about gaming, Casino Adrenaline and read their stories on how they got to those fabulous wins. If you have some interesting gaming stories to share with us, we would also invite you to send them via our official Facebook Fan page and we will publish them there as well as reward those that send in some great texts with free spins and cash.

Some of you might be wondering why we decided to name Casino Adrenaline the way we did. The answer is rather simple and self-explanatory. As fans of gaming but also adrenaline lovers we’ve known since the first time we played a game that getting an adrenaline rush isn’t limited to only extreme sports and similar activities but that some of the biggest adrenaline rushes occur when gaming. All of you know and most likely remember that feeling when you score a fantastic win, whether playing slots, table games, the lottery or any other game we have on offer. This is in fact our philosophy as a casino. To bring you that adrenaline rush whenever you play at Casino Adrenaline.

At Casino Adrenaline we are constantly looking for ways to improve your gaming experience when playing with us. Some of you might have already noticed a new feature we just implemented – recently played games. Forget about all the hassle of moving backwards and forwards to get to that other game you like and want to play. All the recently played games you want to switch between are now easily accessible through the box just to the right of the game you are currently playing. This news section will therefore cover new features as well and we will make sure post them on our Facebook page so that you can give your feedback, suggestions or remarks, since we are here for you and your opinion matters to us.

We hope you will have as much fun reading this news section as we do writing it. We hope to hear from you as well, as mentioned above, through our Facebook Fan page. Good luck, have fun and enjoy Casino Adrenaline and all the games we have an offer. We promise to keep bringing more of them all the time.


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