As you already know, our casino is called Casino Adrenaline. But, what's behind the word ADRENALINE and what exactly adrenaline is? Let’s find out!

Adrenaline is a substance that is released in your body when you feeling a strong emotion, such as excitement, wining a big jackpot or bonus playing our online video slots… and that causes faster hart beat and give us more energy. With noradrenaline, they are two separate but related hormones and neurotransmitters which are produced in the medulla of the adrenal glands and in some neurons of the central nervous system and released into the bloodstream. Adrenaline, like noradrenaline is also used as a transmitter by some nerve cells to communicate with other cells (a neurotransmitter).

Adrenaline (C9H13NO3) is also known as Epinephrine which is primarily a meditation and hormone. The term epinephrine was coined by the pharmacologist John Abel (“on top of the kidneys”, on Greek), who used the name to describe the extract he prepared form the adrenal glands in early 1897. Few years later, in 1901. Jokichi Takamine patented a purified adrenal extract and called it “adrenalin”, which came from “on top of the kidneys” on Latin.

In our casino – Casino Adrenaline, you can feel the adrenaline by playing more than 600 casino games, whether they were table games, live casino, jackpot, lottery or slots… But wait, before you play – be ready for real adrenaline rush!


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